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The Commandant and MCPO-CG have both identified the transition from E-6 to E-7 as the most critical in the Coast Guard enlisted career.  The CPO Academy experience has been carefully designed to provide students with the skills, knowledge, and attitude to make this transition as smoothly and effectively as possible. Our graduates are ready to become the Coast Guard’s Chief Petty Officer Corps: the backbone of the enlisted workforce.

Students complete work as individuals and groups, in classrooms and in the field. Each class has about 72 students divided into 8 teams.
Major themes include:

Graduates of the CPO Academy receive a total of 12 semester hours of college credit from the American Council on Education (ACE): 3 lower-division hours in Communications, 3 upper-division semester hours in Leadership, 3 upper-division semester hours in Human Resource Management, and 3 upper-division semester hours in Organizational Development.


Last Modified 1/12/2016