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Pacific Area Welcome Aboard

1. Congratulations on your assignment to UNIT/DIVISION/BRANCH.

2. RANK/RATE, FIRST NAME, LAST NAME is your sponsor and can be reached at PHONE NUMBER, or by email at EMAIL ADDRESS(AT)USCG.MIL.

3. For your information, the unit/division/branch mailing address is:
Pacific Area
Coast Guard Island, Bldg. XX-X
Alameda, CA, 94501-5100
You can also visit the CG Portal PACAREA website for additional information.

4. Mbrs reporting into Pacific Area require a security clearance. Working spaces are classified and
require clearance paperwork to be completed prior to your arrival. Contact the Pacific Area Security Officer.

5. All mbrs should submit their CG workstation trouble ticket prior to departure of your current unit to
transfer files and profiles to your new permanent duty station (PDS).

6. Personnel checking in after normal business hours are to check in with the Base Alameda OOD located in Bldg. 3 on Coast Guard Island. The OOD can be reached at 510-437-3151.

7. Base Alameda provides a vast array of support activities and morale facilities including a learning
center, a medical clinic, an exchange, tailor shop, dry cleaners, galley, gym, and swimming pool. The Alameda website below contains useful information for newcomers to CG Island and the Alameda-Oakland-San Francisco Bay Area:

8. San Francisco Bay Area Housing:
A. Personnel with dependents, Coast Guard Government-Owned Family Housing is available at three locations. Between the housing units in Alameda, Concord and Novato, CG Base Alameda is poised to accommodate the diversified needs of Bay Area members. The three housing sites vary significantly in construction, size of units, amenities, and proximity to local shopping/schools and climate. There are certain assignment restrictions (based Oakland and duty station) for each housing site.
B. Single members E5 and below, please be advised that unaccompanied personnel housing (UPH) is mandatory where barracks are available. The UPH must be fully occupied with a minimum permanent party occupancy rate of 95 percent prior to being authorizing basic allowance for housing. A release from mandatory assignment to government quarters must be obtained from the local housing authority. Moving onto the economy without authorization could be a financial burden if there is room available.
C. All personnel regardless of rank/marital status must first receive a release from assignment to military housing prior to obtaining housing in the private sector. Failure to obtain this release prior to acquiring private sector quarters could delay proper payment of BAH entitlements.
D. All personnel will receive a welcome email from the CG Base Alameda, area housing office staff. This email will provide tailored information for your specific pay grade, marital status, permanent duty station, and provide guidance on how to apply for CG owned housing or request a release from assignment to CG owned housing. You can also find more information including contact information and required forms at
The Alameda Housing Office is located at:
99 Mosely Ave
Alameda, CA 94501
Phone: (510) 769-0831
Fax: (510) 748-0652

9. Primary Care Management: As per the CG MEDMAN M6000.1C, CH 2.1.1.B, members shall be enrolled in active duty TRICARE Prime, assigned a primary care manager and receive health care at that organization to which the member is assigned. Base Alameda has a TRICARE service center located within the Medical Clinic. The TSC operates on a walk-in basis and can be accessed M-F from 0630 - 1500 hrs. PCM enrollment ensures timely specialty care referrals as well as timely processing of emergency medical billing. PCM enrollment is mandatory and mbrs are encouraged to enroll during the check in process to prevent delay in access to health care.

10. The relocation assistance office provides assistance with relocation, transition, and spousal employment. Should you need additional assistance or information regarding relocation you can call (510) 437-5920 or 1-800-USCG-WLS, ext. 252.

11. Once again, welcome aboard.

Last Modified 9/19/2013