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United States Coast Guard
Pacific Tactical Law Enforcement Team

3400 Guadalcanal Avenue
San Diego, CA 92140

Arriving Members

Congratulations on your assignment to Pacific Tactical Law Enforcement Team (PACTACLET). You are joining an experienced group of the most professional and knowledgeable maritime law enforcement personnel in the Coast Guard. PACTACLET's missions are arduous, demanding, and rewarding. You will be afforded opportunities for exciting operations, training, and foreign travel experienced by few others in the Coast Guard.

PACTACLET's primary function is to train and equip law enforcement detachments (LEDETS) to embark U.S. Navy and allied ships. LEDETS provide non-compliant boarding (NCB) / maritime interdiction operations (MIO) capability and expertise with a collateral function of providing a professional exchange among coalition and allied forces.

After your initial orientation period, you will begin your training and qualification process. LEDET members typically deploy away from homeport 185-200 days per year with each deployment lasting an average of 60 days.

Our office is located on the Marine Corps Recruit Depot (MCRD) at 34000 Guadalcanal Avenue, San Diego, California 92140. The office phone number is (619) 524-4454. Regular office hours are 0700-1600 hours Monday-Friday.

Housing support is provided by the local housing authority (lha) at Sector San Diego. You are required to receive a signed housing assignment determination prior to your arrival at PACTACLET. You may contact Ms. Brenda Godbolt (lha officer) at (619) 278-7218 or by E-mail. Government and leased quarters are available to those who qualify. Your sponsor and local housing officer can assist you with your housing needs.

Please hand-deliver your medical record to PACTACLET because of the possibility that you could deploy shortly after reporting aboard.

The physical fitness standards for members of PACTACLET are high. You will be required to pass the deployable specialized forces tier 1 physical fitness test. Additionally, you will have to do five pull-ups (overhand) and five chin-ups (underhand). You will also be required to pass a rigorous water survival training program iaw ref b. Ensure that you are comfortable in the water and are a strong swimmer upon arrival.

Contact your local command security officer to verify and/or complete and submit a validated standard form 86 (sf-86) questionnaire for national security positions via e-qip, three fd-258 fingerprint cards, a signed dhs-11000-9 DHS, credit release form and an sf-312 (if not on file w/ the cg security center) prior to departing your unit. If you are submitting a request for an initial security clearance, it is highly recommended that you retain copies of your security clearance package for file.

Again, welcome aboard and we look forward to working with you.


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