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United States Coast Guard
Pacific Tactical Law Enforcement Team

3400 Guadalcanal Avenue
San Diego, CA 92140

Pacific Tactical Law Enforcement Team (PACTACLET) personnel, homeported in San Diego, CA, provide specialized law enforcement and maritime security capability to enforce U.S. laws across a full spectrum of maritime response situations, as well as maritime security augmentation to designated elements of other U.S. Government Agencies in support of Coast Guard, National Security and Law Enforcement operations in the maritime environment. First established in 1982, their primary mission is to deploy aboard U.S. and allied naval vessels to conduct and support maritime law enforcement, interdiction, security and operations.  PACTACLET currently has 130 deployable personnel and since 2009, has removed 80 metric tons of cocaine, 4 metric tons of marijuana, and detained 126 suspected drug smugglers resulting in 248 man years sentenced in U.S federal prison.  Whether it's interdicting drug traffickers in the Eastern Pacific or pirates off the horn of Africa, PACTACLET is highly trained to execute a wide variety operations and missions. 


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Last Modified 9/19/2013