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Aviation Operations


CGNR 6573, two pilots, and four Aviation Detachment (AvDet) members embarked aboard POLAR SEA from Kodiak, AK during POLAR SEA's Arctic West Fall 08 patrol.  The helicopter supported POLAR SEA by documenting oil skimmer deployment and ice operations, and providing logistical assistance.  The AvDet gained valuable experience, as well, flying in the polar region and completing ice landings.

POLAR SEA tiedown crew participate in flight operations CG  6573 on deck POLAR SEA with air crew
POLAR SEA conducting helo operations in the arctic Helo 6573 on deck POLAR SEA with flight operations crew



October 31 marked an "aviation first" in the the history of Polar Class Icebreakers when an HH60 Jayhawk landed on POLAR SEA and commenced a series of flight deck landings before returning to its home base of Air Station Kodiak. 

POLAR SEA conducting flight ops with HH-60J


POLAR SEA conducted flight operations with the below C-130 just north of Barrow, AK in mid-November. The C-130 performed a series of fly-overs before dropping a package of necessary equipment for CGNR 6573.  This was the first time that POLAR SEA conducted a drop with a C-130.

POLAR SEA conducting flight ops with C-130


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