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Security Levels

Science Planning

The Science Cruise Planning Guide provides a more in-depth description of the ship's science systems and capabilities. The information is provided to assist the scientific community in planning their research and experiments. View the cruise planning overview on

For further shipboard scientific support information, please contact POLAR SEA's Marine Science Officer (MSO).


USCGC POLAR SEA has accommodations for 187 persons.

Accommodations are provided for:

Officers 24
Chief Petty Officers 20
Enlisted 102
Scientists 32                                                                                                                    Aviation Detachment 9



Conference Room (science)
Lounge (science, officers, chiefs, first class petty officers, and crew)
Messing Facility
Gym (weight lifting and cardio)
Ship's Store
Medical Facility

Science Systems

Refer to cruise planning overview on

Last Modified 9/19/2013