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Contact Information

Mailing Address:
[Member's Name]
FPO AP 96672-3916

Shipping Address:
Commanding Officer
400 Sand Island Parkway
Honolulu, HI 96819

E-Mail Address:
[first name].[middle initial].[last name]

Ship's Phone: (808) 842-2875

Reporting Aboard

Procedures for Reporting: Call the cutter at (808) 842-2875 and advise your sponsor and the Officer of the Deck (OOD) of your arrival date and plans. If you are meeting the ship in Honolulu, the OOD will arrange for someone to pick you up at the airport and bring you to the ship. If you are meeting the ship in a port other than Honolulu, the Ship’s Office will coordinate for someone to meet you at the airport.

The uniform for reporting aboard is tropical blue long with combination cover. Upon arrival, you will be met by your sponsor, who will assist you in locating your assigned berthing and help you get settled in. If you report after the workday, your sponsor may not be on board, but the OOD will help you until your sponsor returns. Your sponsor will assist you with the check-in process and will ensure that you meet with the Commanding Officer, Executive Officer, your Department Head, and your Division Officer.

If the cutter is underway, report to BSU Honolulu Admin, (808) 842-2867

Crossing The Brow:  When crossing the brow, proper honors will be rendered to the national ensign and the quarterdeck. Uniformed personnel will face aft and salute the ensign (if it is flying), then turn and salute the quarterdeck. Upon departing the ship, the procedure is reversed; salute the quarterdeck, then the ensign. Personnel in civilian attire should stop and face aft in respect for the ensign, but do not salute. Proper etiquette also calls for no horseplay, eating, drinking, or wearing hats while crossing the brow. The brow is secured from first call to colors and opened after colors.

Greeting The Commanding Officer: On board, salutes shall be dispensed with after the first daily meeting, EXCEPT for those rendered to the Commanding Officer (CO) and officers senior to the CO. Junior personnel shall sound off “attention on deck” and stand at attention when the CO enters a room. Underway, when the CO enters or leaves the bridge, the first person to see him will sound off “Captain on the bridge” or “Captain below” as appropriate, and all personnel on the bridge will salute.

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