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MIDGETT Support Services Department

The Support Services Officer (SUPO)

The Support Services Officer for the procurement and storage of command supplies, the proper accounting of training and pay records, and the efficient administration of the galley.

Food Service Division

A Food Service Specialist (FS) is responsible for preparing food menus, cooking, sanitation, baking, management of cost accounts, submitting commissary reports, checking deliveries of food stores for quantity and quality. They are also responsible for proper storage of all food products and for the care and cleanliness of the various food service areas aboard ship, refrigerator spaces, and provision issue rooms. The Food Service Specialist is the single most important influence on the morale of the crew. The morale of the crew is at it's highest point when food being served to the crew is of the highest quality, superbly prepared, served hot and on time. The chain of command for the FS Division is 1 FSCS, 2 FS1s, 1 FS2 and 6 FS3s. The FS duty rotation for PO2 and below is 2-on and 2-off. PO1 and above stand regular inport duty as OODs or JOODs. Ready to put forth your best efforts for the crew 3 times a day, 365 days a year? If the answer is yes, Welcome Aboard.

Supply Division

A Storekeeper procures, stows, packages, issues repair parts, conducts storeroom inventories, prepares requisitions, checks and distributes incoming supplies, accounts for unit property, reconciles accounting reports, make arrangements for and pays for Hotel services and food when the ship is underway to domestic as well as foreign ports. Coast Guard Storekeepers unlike their Navy counterparts are required to be experts in ALL fields that deal with Supply, Accounting and Logistics. The chain of command for the Supply Division aboard High Endurance Cutters is 1 CWO, 1 SKC, 1 SK1, 1 SK2 and 2 SK3 and when conditions permit 1 SK Striker. The busiest time for a Storekeeper is during the month of September during the annual close-out of the Fiscal Year, just before the ship deploys on a patrol and when the ship returns to homeport. An Afloat unit is the best training arena for a Storekeeper due to the fact you have to be a Jack of All Trades and are exposed to all areas within the SK rating. Afloat SKs historically perform better on servicewide exams then their shoreside counterparts. Welcome Aboard.

Administration Division

The Administration Division is a team of dedicated professionals who specialize in helping people and commands by providing them information, guidance, and administrative services, concerning pay, travel, and transportation entitlements, benefits and human resources management.

Health Services Division

The Health Services division (HSD) is responsible for the overall health care of all members of the ship. Staffing of HSD consists of one Health Services Technician Chief and one Health Services Technician Petty Officer Third Class, both qualified as Emergency Medical Technicians. The HSD provides routine health care as well as emergency services to not only the crew of ship, but to the civilian population as well during search and rescue cases.

Last Modified 9/19/2013