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MIDGETT Engineering Department

The Engineer Officer (EO)

The Engineer Officer is responsible for the maintenance and sustained operation of the ship's propulsion and auxiliary machinery. The EO is also the Damage Control Officer and responsible for the ensuring the ship's survival if damage is experienced. The Engineer Officer leads the four engineering divisions to accomplish Coast Guard missions.

Damage Control/Repair Division

The Damage Control Division is headed by the Damage Control Assistant (DCA) and, if billeted, the Repair Officer (REPO). The DC division is responsible for maintaining the ship's watertight integrity and ensuring the ship can respond effectively to any damage that may be incurred. The DC division ensures the ship's repair lockers can combat any fire, flooding, chemical, biological, radiological, or toxic gas casualties in port and underway. The DC division also trains the entire ship's crew in damage control techniques and equipment to maximize the ship's survivability. In addition to training, the division repairs pipes, machinery mounts, and even fabricates mechanical parts for the ship's engineering systems.

Auxiliary Division

The Auxiliary Division is responsible for the operation, maintenance, and repair of mechanical equipment and systems installed in spaces outside of the Engine Room, except for the mechanical equipment assigned specifically to the Repair and Main Propulsion Divisions. These major systems include the fuel (diesel and aircraft) systems, potable water system, emergency gas turbine, ship's small boats, steering gears and rudders, boat davits, oily-water separator, incinerator, refrigeration units, air-conditioning units, air compressors, washers and dryers, and bow propulsion unit. The Auxiliary Division consists of The Auxiliary Assistant (LTJG), six Machinery Technicians (MKs), and six Firemen (FN). The Aux Division works out of the Machine Shop.

Main Propulsion Division

The Main Propulsion Division is responsible for the operation, maintenance, and care of the vessel's propulsion machinery and auxiliaries connected to the propulsion machinery, with the exception of electrical equipment. Main Propulsion Division is also responsible for the vessel's evaporator, ship's service boilers, and the auxiliary salt water system located in the engine room.

The typical day for a member of the Main Propulsion Division is not an easy one maintaining and standing watch on the following machinery: two Fairbanks Morse 12-cylinder opposed piston diesel engines rated at 3,600 shaft horse power, two Pratt and Whitney FT4A gas turbines rated at 18,000 shaft horse power, two Western Gear reduction gears, two Electro-Motive Division diesel generator sets, hydraulic starting system, lubricating oil purifier, and controllable-pitch propeller system. The Main Propulsion Division is comprised of: The Main Propulsion Assistant (CWO), seven Machinery Technicians (MK), two Firemen (FN), and five Firemen Apprentices (FA). MKs on a 378-foot High Endurance cutter need to be well versed in all aspects of engineering.

Machinery Technicians in the Main Propulsion Division ensure the vessel can meet its operational commitments by providing power and propulsion under demanding and changing conditions, through a variety of missions. Well trained, professional, and dedicated MKs make up the Main Propulsion Division on MIDGETT.

Electrical Division

The electrical division is charged with maintaining and repairing all electrical equipment installed on the ship with the exception of those assigned to the Weapons and Operations departments. This equipment includes, but is not limited to the ship's service diesel generators, all electric motors, the master gyro and associated motor generator sets, repeaters, wiring, sound-powered telephones, and electrical shore ties.

Last Modified 9/19/2013