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MIDGETT Newsletters

The Objective

Newsletters are written by the Commanding Officer directly to the friends and families of MIDGETT crewmembers. They are meant to inform you as to what your loved ones are doing while underway and what kinds of sea stories you can expect upon their return.

Date Description
February 2013 Pacific Patrol
September 2012 North Pacific Patrol
March 2012 Pacific Ocean
January/February 2012 Pacific Ocean
September 2011 Bering Sea Letter
August 2011 Bering Sea Letter
September 2010 Seattle
August 2010 Pacific Ocean
July 2010 Pacific Ocean
May 2010 Dry Dock Bellingham
Febuary 2010 Puget Sound
02 November 2009 Pacific Ocean
02 September 2009 Pacific Ocean
04 May 2009 Pacific Ocean
12 March 2009 Pacific Ocean
15 November 2008 Pacific Ocean
09 September 2008 Pacific Ocean
04 August 2008 Seattle Letter
18 April 2008 Pacific Ocean
11 February 2008 Seattle Letter
11 October 2007 North Pacific Letter
3 September 2007 Bering Sea Letter
4 August 2007 Seattle Letter
18 February 2007 North Atlantic Ocean
20 January 2007 Red Sea
18 December 2006 Holiday Message
16 November 2006 Horn of Africa Letter
31 October 2006 Letter from India
25 September 2006 Seattle Departure Letter
31 July 2006 Letter from San Diego
8 July 2006 First Letter Home

Letters from Home

We have also received kind words from friends and families of MIDGETT crewmembers. A few have been posted below.

Date Description
4 August 2007 Letter to MIDGETT's Crew
17 November 2006 A Message from Home
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