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Reporting Aboard

Congratulations on your orders to USCGC MELLON! You will soon find out why we have the reputation of best cutter in the fleet and why so many of our sailors have served on board before. Your assignment to MELLON is certain to be an exciting and rewarding part of your Coast Guard career.

Obtain Information by Contacting Your Sponsor

CGC MELLON makes every attempt to contact incoming personnel.  Initially, this will be done via message traffic with a message posted on your departing unit’s board.  The primary means of receiving information is through the sponsor that is assigned to you.  Your sponsor is an excellent source of information and will guide you through the reporting process, so please feel free to contact them whenever you have questions.  For the time while you are en route to MELLON, be sure to give them your contact information so you can be reached while traveling.  Our schedule is subject change and your sponsor will need to be able to contact you.  

If you have trouble getting into contact with your sponsor, call the cutter directly or e-mail the Ship’s Office at James.W.McElroy(at) 

Procedures for Reporting

You should make every effort to report to MELLON on the date that is in your orders.  To ensure we are prepared for your arrival, call MELLON one to two business days prior to reporting.  Ask for your sponsor and inform them of your expected arrival time.  Normally, you should make plans to report on weekdays between 0700 and 1300.  Reporting during these times will make the reporting process much easier and it will also be much more likely that your sponsor will be onboard to help you.  If you are unable report during these times, the OOD will assist you until the next working day.

Reporting in Homeport or Away from Homeport 

Our homeport is CG Base Seattle at 1519 Alaskan Way South, Seattle, WA 98134.  If MELLON is at homeport when you report aboard, then you should report directly to the ship.  You can follow the directions provided in the links below.

Google Maps

If MELLON is away from homeport when you arrive, please report to the Base Seattle Administration Office located in Building 1.  You can contact the Base Seattle Admin. Offie at (206) 217-6700, Monday through Friday from 0700 -1530.If you report after normal business hours, please check in with the Base Seattle Officer of the Day (OOD) at the Quarterdeck in building 6 or call (206) 510-7858.

The uniform for reporting to MELLON is Tropical Blue Long.  If you are flying to MELLON while it is outside the United States, you should travel and report in appropriate civilian clothing. 

Initial Tasks for Newly Reported Personnel 

Upon arrival you can expect to be met by your sponsor.  They will be your guide and running mate while you become familiar with the cutter.  They will assist you in locating your assigned berthing, work areas, and all other spaces on the cutter that you will use. To better help you become familiar with your new job, we will make every effort to have your sponsor be a member of the division that you will be assigned to.   Your sponsor will assist you in your check in process ensuring that you have met with the appropriate personnel.

During your first business day aboard, you will have to stop by the Admin Office and receive a “Reporting-In” checklist.  This checklist will outline all required tasks for new personnel.  It will take approximately three weeks to complete the checklist and your sponsor will help you.


Base Seattle Provides local housing services and support.

Mass Transit Program

A wide array public mass transit services are provided in the Seattle metropolitan area.  Details on schedules and how to obtain tickets can be found on the internet.  Another helpful service for commuting is the ORCA Smart Card.   The ORCA Smart Card is a regional pass that lets you travel on all bus and train services in the region for a specific period of time. 

The following info is intended to assist you in executing your PCS orders. If you are flying into Seattle, schedule your arrival for early afternoon if possible. We suggest you use the local shuttle service, "super shuttle", (1-800-487-7433 or 206-622-1424) to get to the ISC at pier 36. This will cost approximately $35. It is a reasonably priced alternative to a taxi, which can cost upwards of $90.00.

Metro Buses:

Light Rail, Trains, and Commuter Busses:


ORCA Smart Card:



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