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Command Philosophy

CAPT Jose L. Jimenez
Commanding Officer, USCGC MELLON

As Operators, our main job is - MISSION EXECUTION. Please understand that it doesn't suffice to simply execute our assigned missions; we must do it consistently well!

On board MELLON we mainly execute three missions - Counter Drugs, Fisheries, and Training. Arguably, it can be said that training is our main mission. We train to save the ship, we train to conduct counter drugs operations, we train to conduct fisheries operations, we train to get qualified, and we train to make YOU a valuable contributor to this fine organization as well as to society in general.

In order to execute our missions consistently well, we must focus on three key areas - Proficiency in Craft, Proficiency in Leadership, and Disciplined Initiative. 

PROFICIENCY IN CRAFT - is our technical skill. We must continuously strive to get better at our jobs. We achieve this through qualifications, education, advancements, professional development, and maintenance of our numerous systems on board. You never stop improving your technical skills regardless of how developed they may be. The bottom line here is - if you are going to do something, DO IT RIGHT!

PROFICIENCY IN LEADERSHIP - is how we get things done. We must facilitate the exercise of leadership at all levels of this command in order to achieve mission success. We operate in an inherently dangerous environment. Without leadership being exercised at all levels we simply couldn’t operate safely. Again, this is a skill that you should never stop learning. The bottom line on this - don't be a spectator, GET INVOLVED!

DISCIPLINED INITIATIVE - Through Proficiency in Craft and Proficiency in Leadership is how we exercise Disciplined Initiative. This allows us to exercise on scene initiative that is based on policy and on proven standards. This is extremely important because it is here where you get to be creative and innovative. But remember, your creativity and innovation has to be based approved doctrine and policy. The bottom line for this one - exercise initiative, but DON'T BE RECKLESS!

Two Things you must always remember as you conduct our mission - Communications and Respect. Ensure you communicate your actions up and down the chain of command. This ensures awareness for all and helps de-conflict any duplication of effort with other divisions. Treat your shipmate as you would like to be treated. On board MELLON we work hard to create an environment that fosters mutual respect at all levels.

My commitment to you is to provide you every resource within my reach to allow you the opportunity to further hone your proficiency in craft and leadership so you my exercise the disciplined initiative we need to successfully complete our mission. In turn, I expect that you do the same for every member under your direct chain of command.

Remember, we have a mission to complete. Let's accomplish it in a manner that is safe, pleasant, rewarding, and fun!


Last Modified 12/31/2013