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July 16, 2010

Dear Family and Friends,

A CTD is lowered into the water from HEALY.
A CTD is lowered into the water from HEALY.

We just came out of the ice, and we’re busy conducting a few more science stations before we begin our transit down to Seward, AK for our mid-patrol break. We’ve spent the last week and a half in and out of the ice, alternating between conducting stations in open water and in the ice. We wrapped up our on-ice deployments, and we’re still conducting Arctic Survey Boat operations, but primarily, we’ve been conducting many CTD casts. CTD stands for Conductivity-Temperature-Depth, which is what the sensors on the cast measures. The sensor is lowered into the ocean, and it measures these variables at different depths in the water column.

MST3 Purse assists a member of the science part during an open water science station.
MST3 Purse assists a member of the science part during an open water science station.

Morale events are still breaking up the week. We’re in the middle of another 3 vs. 3 basketball tournament, and everyone is making good use of the Wii systems the morale committee bought before we got underway. The mustache-growing competition has been in full swing for several weeks, and judging will happen right before we pull into Seward in the middle of next week. Also, the morale committee is sponsoring a door painting contest. Many individuals have submitted designs for doors throughout the ship, and the whole crew and science party will vote on the winner, who will get to paint his or her design on a door for future generations of HEALY sailors to enjoy.

This weekend, we’re looking forward to a Saturday night morale dinner cooked by the Cadets from the Academy, who have been with us for over two months and who are leaving in Seward. After dinner, we’ll have a casino night on the mess deck, and then we’ll just be transiting towards Seward. ENS Steckle and IT1 Uribarri have worked hard to set up some community service opportunities for the crew while we’re in Seward, and everyone’s looking forward to relaxing, exploring, and seeing the sunset for the first time in over a month.

Until next time,

ENS Emily Kehrt
Public Affairs Officer

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