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September 25, 2009

Dear family and friends,

CWO2 Rose waits for the Louis to raft up to HEALY.
CWO2 Rose waits for the Louis to raft up to HEALY.

Almost home! We have just departed Juneau, AK, after enjoying a well-deserved port call before we made our final leg back to Seattle.

We parted ways with the Louis shortly before heading towards the ice edge. We celebrated our joint effort with the Louis by holding the first annual International Arctic Olympics, during which we rafted up to the Louis and challenged them in a variety of events, from air hockey to Wii golf to cribbage. The event was a huge success, and it was a great way to wrap up this year’s collaboration with the Louis.

We disembarked our science party in Barrow about a week ago, officially ending the science portion of the cruise. When poor weather put a halt to our flight operations off of Barrow, we ended up using our small boat to ferry our science party ashore. Everyone worked a long day, but the operation was successful, and we started our trip south.

BM1 Glenzer did a great job of conning us into Kodiak, where we were able to conduct some much needed logistical operations. Unfortunately, the threat of poor weather cut our port call short, and we headed back out of Kodiak that night, hurrying towards Juneau. BM1 Huneycutt conned us into Juneau, and in spite of the rain, the crew enjoyed a fun a weekend in Alaska’s capitol city.

ENS Schendorf checks on the pig roast for the Arctic Olympic feast.
ENS Schendorf checks on the pig roast for the Arctic Olympic feast.

Despite everyone’s excitement that we’re heading back home, the crew has kept working hard. EM1 Padilla, DCC Pulatie, ENS Custer, and MKCS Lewis all received their underway Engineer of the Watch qualification, and BM1 Huneycutt and ENS Myatt qualified as underway Officer of the Deck. SN Collum and SN Kreuger both advanced from Seaman Apprentice to Seaman. In addition, SA Stewart, MK2 Schumacher, ET2 Gainey, MK2 Jones, and FSCS Sandifer graduated from Damage Control College.

As we head home, many of you have joined us for our Dependents Cruise. Family members and friends of the HEALY crew are onboard for our transit back to Seattle through Alaska’s famed Inside Passage, getting a first-hand look at life onboard HEALY. We’re looking forward to movies in the hangar, a few Bingo nights, and a Pinewood Derby, as well as just the chance to catch up with friends and family.

It’s been a busy three months, with a lot of hard work and good results to show for our efforts. We’re looking forward to working our way back to Seattle, where we can enjoy a little downtime before getting ready for our long drydock maintenance period this winter.

See you next patrol,
ENS Emily Kehrt
Public Affairs Officer

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