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May 23, 2009

Hello friends and family!

The participants of DCC Marsden Golf Tournament.
The participants of DCC Marsden Golf Tournament

Our last week underway has been great. A few days after departing Dutch Harbor we arrived in Juneau, Alaska. The weather was warm (60-70 degrees Fahrenheit) and sunny.

DCC George Marsden held a golf tournament at the Mendenhall Golf Course. Crew members showed up for the tournament in fun golf attire. OSC Sorjen Managan and MK1 Kenneth Rudibaugh won the tournament. ENS Peter Dolton and BMCM Thomas Wilson earned the title of “closest to the pin”, 1/c James Phillips had the longest drive, and BM3 James Merten was the best dressed.

Several folks also participated in a 5k Fun Run through downtown Juneau. 3/c Kim Hulbert received first place, LCDR Doug Petrusa was the fastest officer, MSTC Mark Rieg was the fastest Chief, and MST1 Richard Layman was the fastest First Class Petty Officer.

MK1 Murphy receives the coveted HEALY plaque and says goodbye.
MK1 Murphy receives the coveted HEALY plaque and says goodbye.

Friends and family boarded the ship in Juneau before our departure. On the transit south from Juneau, Bingo was held twice to give loved ones a chance to win some prizes. Prizes included; iPod Nano, iPod Shuffle, iHome, DVD’s, squirt guns, fleece blankets and hand held games. There were also two movies shown in the hangar and a Pig Roast on the flight deck. The Pig Roast was timed perfectly so that everyone had amazing views of the narrowest part of our transit, Seymore Narrows, while eating a delicious meal.

On Thursday May 21, quarters was held to say goodbye and thank you to many members of the crew who will be leaving in Seattle. BM2 Andrew Yeckley received an Achievement Medal, MK2 Corey Smith received an Achievement Medal, DCC George Marsden received a Commendation Medal, MKCS Gregory Jones received a Commendation Medal, and CWO Valerie Miller received a Commendation Medal. MK1 Nicholas Murphy (who received an Achievement Medal last quarters) also had a chance to say good bye at this week’s quarters. Thank you all for of your hard work and good luck at your next unit.

After having a few days of breathtaking views of Alaska, British Columbia, and Washington, HEALY moored in Seattle. We have been away from home since March 5 and have had a very successful trip. Thank you to everyone who has followed us along the way via the internet!

Until our next Arctic journey,
Your Public Affairs Officer,
LTJG Tasha Thomas

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