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May 9, 2009

Hello friends and family!

Sea birds
Sea birds

We are in the last few days of this science phase. There has been too little ice to do more ice stations, but we continue to follow the 70 meter curve (where the depth of the ocean is 70 meters) and conduct science stations every 10 nautical miles or so. These science stations have consisted of a CTD and the occasional net (calvet net or vertical net). We passed last year’s record by conducting more than 230 CTDs. The weather has been great and we have seen some wildlife, including birds, whales, seals, and porpoises.

At quarters on May 5 we recognized FN Brittney Coates for qualifying as an Inport Security Watchstander and ET3 Ivan Adams for qualifying as Technician of the Watch. MKCS Greg Jones received his eighth Good Conduct Medal. LTJG Bryson Jacobs received a Letter of Commendation for his hard work on board HEALY.

LTJG Jacobs receives a Letter of Commendation
LTJG Jacobs receives a Letter of Commendation

At quarters on April 8 we recognized FN Kelsey Stein for qualifying as Technician of the Watch. FA Michael Miozzi was advanced to the rank of FN. BMCM Thomas Wilson was recognized for qualifying as Inport Officer of the Deck. MK1 Nicholas Murphy received a Coast Guard Achievement Medal for his accomplishments during his time on board HEALY. ENS Tony Gregg, a temporary member of the crew, was recognized for qualifying as an Underway Officer of the Deck. CAPT Sommer thanked three temporary members of the crew, ENS Tony Gregg, BM1 Raymond Mendoza, and BM3 Lindsey Kriekel, for their hard work over they past five weeks. ENS Gregg and BM1 Mendoza depart the ship at our next port call in Dutch Harbor; BM3 Kriekel will sail with us to Juneau.

On Saturday May 9 we had a delicious morale dinner provided by the Deck Division. Dinner included mashed taters, yard bird and dumplings, BMC Wayne Kidd’s meatloaf cordon bleu, BM2 Aimee Buford’s shrimp gumbo, and BM3 James Merten’s amazing Pico de Gallo “you may think it’s meat but it’s not!” fajitas. Thank you Deck Force! Bingo was a big success that night; every bingo card was sold. IT1 Von Kauffman won a DVD, BM2 Andrew Yeckley won pillows, and FS1 Arrene Zitting won a handheld poker game. The black out prize that the crew has been trying to win for weeks, a Nintendo DS, was finally won by MK2 Wendy Starling.

The next stop is Dutch Harbor, and the crew is excited!

Updating you as we finish our journey into the icy Bering Sea wilderness,
Your Public Affairs Officer,

LTJG Tasha Thomas
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