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April 3, 2009

Hello friends and family!

HEALY crew posing for picture while on the ice
HEALY crew posing for picture while on the ice

This past week has consisted of science, science, and more science as we neared the end of our first phase. However, within the last few days of the cruise, some heavy winds (up to 50 knots!) prevented us from completing a couple of extra science stations and also prevented us from flying the helicopter.

Quarters on 24 March recognized a temporary crew member, BM1 Scott Steinbarger, for qualifying as a Deck Supervisor. The Deck Supervisors on HEALY give the hand signals for directing the cranes and A-frames, and are responsible for the overall safety during evolutions such as science stations and ice deployments. FN Michael Miozzi was also recognized for qualifying as Technician of the Watch. The Technician of the Watch on HEALY stands four hour watches from the Engineering Control Center and conducts rounds of the ship to carry out basic engineering maintenence and check on running equipment to prevent failures and equipment casualities. MK1 Robert Quichocho was awarded the Commendation Medal for his diligence and hard work while onboard HEALY.

Thank you (from left to right) BM1 Segura, BM2 Skaife, FS2 George, and BM1 Steinbarger!
Thank you (from left to right) BM1 Segura, BM2 Skaife, FS2 George, and BM1 Steinbarger!

On 25 March, the crew was permitted to go out on the ice during an ice station. Many crew members bundled up and went out on the ice to stretch their legs, get a few photos, and toss around some snow balls.

We held quarters on 27 March to commend DC3 Daniel Howard and FN Brittney Coates for qualifying as Technicians of the Watch, BM1 Jose Segura and BM2 Eric Skaife for qualifying as Junior Officers of the Deck, and to say thank you to our temporary crew members, BM1 Segura,
BM1 Steinbarger, BM2 Skaife, and FS2 Lisa George for all of their help onboard this past phase. We recognized MK1 Allan Whiting for his excellent performance of duty as he was awarded the Coast Guard Achievement Medal. We bid farewell to a number of shipmates as we arrived in Dutch Harbor: MK1 Quichocho is headed to USCGC JARVIS in Honolulu, HI; MK1 Whiting is bound for Integrated Support Command Fort Macon, NC; EM1 Daniel Hurtado is going just down the pier to Naval Engineering Support Unit in Seattle; and SN Justin Murray will start school soon to become a Marine Science Technician. Each was given the much coveted HEALY plaque and said a hearty goodbye to the crew.
Transfer season has begun.

On 31 March ENS Tara Schendorf conned the ship in to Dutch Harbor, Alaska. We have had science onloads, fueling, and plenty of maintenance things to do onboard, but the crew has managed to squeeze in some time for liberty. It is now 3 April, and we are getting ready to get underway again! Time sure flies. This phase, the final phase before we return to Seattle, is a continuation of the Bering Sea Ecosystem Study with Dr. Carin Ashjian as our Chief Scientist. In the coming weeks, I will update you with what we are doing and how things are going. Stay tuned!

Updating you as we continue our journey into the Arctic wilderness,

Your Public Affairs Officer,
LTJG Tasha Thomas

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