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719 CrestCGC Boutwell (WHEC 719) Crest

(1966 - 2016)

Welcome to the Boutwell History Project!  As Boutwell’s service to the U.S. Coast Guard draws to a close, we are making every effort to ensure that her history is preserved for generations to come.  So far, we have scoured the internet looking for every piece of Boutwell’s history we could find.  This research has included large document databases, electronic books, and numerous newspaper archives.  In addition to this research, we have integrated information that has been preserved by former Boutwell Commanding Officers and crew in the ship’s History File.  All the information from this file has been scanned in and will soon be available on this website.  If you have any newspaper clippings, magazine articles, personal accounts, or pictures that you would like us to incorporate into our history, please submit them to LTJG Gene Storer at


The history provided in the link below is just a portion of the final history we hope to publish.  As you read, you will notice significant gaps in this history.  As we continue our research, we hope to address many of these gaps.  A majority of this history has been compiled from the newspaper archives we have accessed.  Although we have made every effort to ensure the accuracy of this information, we understand that the facts as published may differ slightly from actual events.  All references in this text are cited at the end of the document. 


Please continue to check into our website as we put together the history of the mighty Coast Guard Cutter Boutwell!

Boutwell History (1966 - 2000)


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