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Security Levels

Law Enforcement

Combat Systems

Maritime Enforcement Specialist Insignia Gunners Mate Insignia Electronics Technician Insignia Information Technician Insignia
     The Combat Systems Department is under the direction of the Combat Systems Officer (CSO). The CSO oversees all of the divisions within Combat Systems Department and is responsible for the material condition and performance of all weapons systems, communication systems, navigations systems, and computers systems onboard.

     In addition to these duties, the Combat Systems Department will supervise the proper stowage, care, accountability, and issue of  ordnance materials and equipment; supervise loading, unloading, and stowage of all ammunition; plan and direct the training and operation of law enforcement boarding teams; perform preventative and corrective maintenance on installed communication, navigation, and fire control systems; maintain both tactical and security camera systems; maintain the proper operation of tactical on and local computer networks. The Combat Systems ratings are Electronics Technician, Information Systems Technician, Gunners Mate, and Maritime Enforcement Specialists.

Last Modified 6/29/2015