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Security Levels

Ship's Organization

Sunset from the bridge of CGC ACTIVE

The crew of the ACTIVE is divided into four departments in order to handle the many tasks required to maintain the ACTIVE’s operational capabilities:

The Deck Department is composed of Boatswain's Mates and non-rated Seamen. The responsibilities of the deck department range from the maintenance of the ship's exterior to helicopter operations, towing evolutions, gun evolutions, and small boat evolutions. On a typical day, deck personnel will raise and lower a small boat at least once, participate in cleanups around the ship, work on a paint project, and stand their designated watch. Watch for deck department personnel include helmsman, lookout, Junior Officer of the Deck, and Officer of the Deck. 

The Engineering Department is tasked with all mechanical, damage control, and electrical aspects of the ship. Without the engineers, ACTIVE would have neither power nor propulsion. Damage Controlmen, Machinery Technicians, Electricians Mates and non-rated Firemen make up the rates in the Engineering Department. Engineers work on the engines and generators, handle the ships refueling, conduct damage control training, and oversee all other inner workings of the ship from air-conditioning to drinking water.

Operations Department deals with all operational components of the ship. Members in the operations department are responsible for planning the ship’s patrols, safe and accurate navigation,  maintaining all of the RADARS, computers, communications equipment, and weapons systems.  Rates in the Operations Department include Electronics Technicians, Operations Specialists, Information System Technician, Gunner's Mates, and Boatswains Mates.

The Support Department is dedicated to the support of the crew. Personnel in this department provide for the crew by taking care of their human resources and administrative needs, keeping them fed, monitoring their health, and making sure all departments have the supplies they need. Rates in the Support Department include Health Service Technicians, Yeomen, Store Keepers, and Food Service Specialist.


Last Modified 1/8/2016