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Security Levels


If you have any administrative questions or concerns, please contact: YN3 King    Phone:(510)437-5800

If you have any questions or concerns that haven't been answered by others please contact:

Command Chief: Michelle Gallant    Phone:(510)437-5800    Cell:(707)364-8833

Ombudsman: Karen Latham    Phone: (703) 517-7880 and Sasha Martin    Phone: (860) 333-4659

Accompanied Housing

Coast Guard Owned:

There are three housing areas including Marina Village, Alameda (primarily enlisted), Concord (officer and enlisted), and Novato (officer and enlisted). There is immediate availability in all housing locations. Application forms are available from the Base Alameda Housing Office (510)769-0831.  Members must have executed orders to complete application paperwork, and it is recommended to apply for these housing locations well before arrival.

Military Housing:

The Village at Camp Parks, located in Dublin is another military housing option. It requires the member to be released from Government Housing and rent is equal to the member's BAH. There is a wait list for this facility of up to a year. Application forms are available from their website.

Local Rentals:

Average rent for a two bedroom apartment is approximately $1500.  Apartments can be found through online apartment searches.  Average rent for a two bedroom house is approximately $2000.  Alameda is a fast rental market and most owners work with local rental agencies including Gallagher & Lindsey , OMM and Harbor Bay.  These agencies charge a percentage based fee, but there is almost no way around them if you are looking for a rental house in Alameda.

BAH rates 94501 (Alameda, CA):

Use Alameda's zip code, 94501, at the Defense Travel Management Office for the latest BAH rates.

Unaccompanied Housing

Primary Contact:

All unaccompanied personnel reporting aboard are required to contact YN1 Dodge    Phone:(510)437-5800


On Base Quarters are mandatory for all single E-4 and below until barracks are occupied at 95%. It is recommended that the member contact their sponsor prior to Self Procured Move or shipment of household goods.

Coast Guard Owned:

Unaccompanied Personnel Housing in Marina Village, Alameda are multiple occupancy townhouses. To inquire about these contact BSU Alameda Housing Office (510)769-0831.

Local Area

Work Life:

Work Life is a great resource for most local information. It also has a robust local links page.

Last Modified 6/18/2015