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Security Levels


If you have any administrative questions or concerns, please contact: YN3 King    Phone:(510)437-5800

If you have any questions or concerns that haven't been answered by others please contact:

Command Chief: Michelle Gallant    Phone:(510)437-5800    Cell:(360)316-9357

Ombudsman: Karen Latham    Phone: (703) 517-7880 and Sasha Martin    Phone: (860) 333-4659


We hope you are excited by the prospect of sailing on the newest major cutter in the fleet. As the plank-owner crew, we are honored to carry on CAPT Stratton's legacy and look forward to living up to her reputation. As we continue the work to bring STRATTON to full operational status, we are reminded of CAPT Stratton's greatest accomplishments which centered on the SPARs. Over the next year, we will complete various installations, training evolutions, operational testing and evaluations.


STRATTON's primary missions include Law Enforcement (Counter Narcotics and Living Marine Resources), Search and Rescue, Defense Operations and Homeland Security. We expect to reach a full operational capability in the spring of 2013. Between now and then, there will be underway Operational Test and Evaluation periods, an extended dockside period to complete the installation of new equipment, and an intensive Tailored Ship Training Availability to complete the work up cycle for deployments in 2013.

Common Destinations on Deployment

STRATTON is designed and fully capable of worldwide deployment in support of Homeland Security and Combatant Commander objectives. Regular Pacific Theatre port calls include Los Angeles, San Diego, Kodiak, and Honolulu as well as Mexico, Costa Rica, Panama, Guatemala, and El Salvador.

Cutter Characteristics

Crew Capacity 109-143 Depending on Mission
Length 418 Feet
Draft 22.5 Feet
Displacement 4,500 Long Tons
Max Sustained Speed 28 Knots
Endurance 60 Days
Range 12,000 Nautical Miles
Propulsion CODAG, 1 Gas Turbine (30K HP), 2 Diesels (10K HP ea)
Aircraft MH-65C or MH 60T
Small Boats 2 Short Rang Prosecutor and 1 Over the Horizon RHI
Armament 57mm Bofors gun, CWIS 1B, SRBOC, NULKA, MZ .50 Caliber
Sensors X and S band radar, 3D air search radar, SPQ-9B radar, SLQ-32

Ratings Present at Unit


Typical SN/SA Job Assignment

Job Assignment:

Primary responsibilities of an SN/SA will be qualifying in Lookout and Helmsman, damage control procedures and may include Helicopter tie-down and Cutter Rescue Swimmer. They will also participate in operations of the deck division such as small boat maintenance, painting, general cleaning, boarding team member, boat crewmember, line-handler and mess-cook.

Typical FN/FA

Job Assignment:

Primary responsibilities of an FN/FA will be qualifying as an engineering watchstander, performing maintenance and repair of mechanical systems (Main propulsion, Auxiliary systems), qualifying in damage control procedures, mess-cooking, general cleaning, small boat engineer, and boarding team member.

Reporting Aboard

If Cutter is Underway:

Maintain contact with your sponsor to arrange where and when you should report. Contact BSU Alameda OOD (510) 453-6903 if you have any difficulties. When reporting to BSU Alameda with a personal vehicle, be sure to bring your military ID, driver's license, vehicle registration, valid insurance card.


If reporting within the United States, Service Dress Blue (SDB) is required. If reporting to the unit in a foreign port, neat and presentable civilian clothing is authorized.

Personal Space and Storage:

Berthing areas are equiped with heads and racks for either four, six or eight people in each space. There is limited personal storage space in berthing areas including one gym locker with additional lock box, limited storage space beneath bottom rack (no coffin rack storage), and a sea bag locker.

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