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The White Shark

CGC Steadfast History

Steadfast Seal

USCGC STEADFAST (WMEC-623) has served the United States Coast Guard for over 40 years and is one of fourteen medium endurance cutters. Upon commission in 1968, Steadfast was originally home ported in St. Petersburg, Fl where she served Atlantic Area Operations for 24 years prior to her reassignment to Astoria, Or for Pacific Area Operations. USCGC STEADFAST was the first, and is one of only two cutters, that have been awarded the gold marijuana leaf, symbolizing one million pounds of marijuana seized.

Legend holds STEADFAST was named "El Tiburon Blanco" (Spanish for "The White Shark") by Colombian drug smugglers in the 1970's for being such a nemesis to their illegal drug operations. To this day the crew uses the symbol of "El Tiburon Blanco" as one of their logos to epitomize STEADFAST's aggressive law enforcement posture.

Seal Design


Shield: Azure, a marijuana leaf Or, on a chief wavy of the same, a great white shark Proper, fimbriated of the first. All within a narrow bordure of the second.

Crest: From a wreath Or and Azure, between stylized curling waves of the ocean, a stylized image of a Coast Guard Cutter affronté Proper.

Supporters: A mount Vert on the dexter side, a representation of the tower lighthouse Cape Disappointment in Oregon; on the sinister side, a representation of the tower lighthouse Egmont Key (c. 1944) in St Petersburg, Florida.

Motto: On a scroll Azure, doubled Gules, entwining around each lighthouse, the inscription “EL TIBURON BLANCO” in gold letters.


Shield: Dark blue represents the ocean and, along with gold, are traditional seaman’s uniform colors. The gold wavy chief symbolizes that STEADFAST has patrolled both the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans throughout her forty year history. The wavy line also alludes to the movement made by swimming sharks. The great white shark refers to “EL TIBURON BLANCO,” the nickname given to STEADFAST because she was such a nemesis to illegal drug operations. The prized gold marijuana leaf represents the cutter’s aggressive and unrelenting law enforcement and successful drug interdiction operations. The STEADFAST was the first of only two cutters to be awarded the prized Golden Marijuana Leaf, symbolizing over one million pounds of marijuana seized.

Crest: The stylized curling waves represent STEADFAST’s successful transit across the hazardous area known as the “Graveyard of the Pacific” and the navigation around the shoals of the Columbia River Bar.

Supporters: The two lighthouses reflect safe navigation and maritime search and rescue. The STEADFAST has patrolled both coasts of the United States. The lighthouse on the left side is a representation of Cape Disappointment, her current home port in Oregon; and the lighthouse on the right side is a representation of Egmont Key Lighthouse, original home port of STEADFAST in St Petersburg, Florida, as it appeared in 1944.

Seal: The coat of arms as blazoned in full color on a white circular field within a dark blue designation band, edged with a gold roped border and bearing the name USCGC STEADFAST at the top and WMEC 623 at the base.

Last Modified 10/6/2015