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Contact Info and Mailing Addresses for CGC Sherman

 While inport use this email for packages and mail:

Rank, First Name, Last Name (i.e. OS2 John Sherman)
USCGC Sherman (WHEC 720)
2680 Woden Street
San Diego, CA 92136

While underway use this address:

*Please note that underway mail may take several weeks to arrive, especially when we're outside the continental United States.

Rank, First Name, Last Name (i.e. MK2 John Sherman)
USCGC Sherman (WHEC 720)
FPO AP 96678-3932

Phone Numbers:

Inport Only

(619) 556-6530

(619) 556-6499

(619) 556-6544

Fax to Ship's Office

(619) 556-6545


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