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Security Levels



Sherman is divided into four main departments; Engineering, Operations, Supply, and Weapons. Each plays a vital role in the overall safety, comfort, and execution of our missions.

Engineering Department

The Engineering Department is under the direction of the Engineer Officer (EO). The EO oversees the Engineering divisions and is responsible for the operations, care, and maintenance of the cutter's main propulsion plant, auxiliary machinery and piping systems; for the control of damage; for the operation and maintenance of electric power generators and distribution systems; for repairs to the hull; and for providing ship facilities, equipment and key personnel required for the repairs to materials and all equipment which are beyond the capacity of other departments.

In amplification of these duties the Engineering department shall maintain the hull, machinery, and electrical systems in battle readiness; control and restore engineering and ship's control casualties; coordinate shipyard work and correspondence relating to alterations or repairs to the hull and installed equipment.

The Engineering ratings are MK, EM, and DC. The Engineering divisions are Main Propulsion, Auxiliary (A-Gang), Electrical, and Damage Control.

Operations Department

The Operations Department is under the direction of the Operations Officer (OPS). The Operations Department is responsible for the collection, evaluation and dissemination of combat, tactical, and operations information required for the assigned missions and tasks of the ship and for the required planning functions, along with the maintenance of all associated electronic equipment and computer systems.

In amplification of these duties the Operations Department shall plan and direct the training of Deck Watch Officers; combine and prepare for submission to other commands and/or agencies, requests for operational and logistic services required by the ship in support of its operations; obtain clearances and operating area assignments incident to the movements and operations of the ship; prepare the ship's tactical operations plans and orders and supervise preparation of reports required by operational plans, orders, and other operational directives.

The Operations ratings are OS, ET, and IT. The Operations divisions are CIC, Telecommunications, and Electronics.

Weapons Department

The Weapons Department is under the directions of the Weapons Officer (WEPS). WEPS oversees all of the weapons divisions and is responsible for the material condition and performance of all weapons systems and the maintenance of the hull and deck gear. The Weapons Department is responsible for the operation and maintenance of deck seamanship evolutions and operations, and for the maintenance of deck equipment and all shipboard Combat Systems.

In amplification of these duties, the Weapons Department will supervise the proper stowage, care, accountability and issue of associate ordnance materials and equipment; supervise loading, unloading, and stowage of all ammunition; plan and direct the training and operation of law enforcement boarding teams; clean and preserve the exterior of the SHERMAN; operate, care for, and repair the SHERMAN's boats, life rafts, and other lifesaving equipment; coordinate all flight deck evolutions and training of flight deck personnel.

The Weapons ratings are BM, GM, and ET (tactical). The Weapons divisions are Deck and Gunnery. Newly reported Seamen are assigned to the Deck division.

Supply Department

The Supply Department is under the direction of the Supply Officer (SUPPO). The Supply Department is responsible for the medical, supply, subsistence, and administrative functions. The Supply Department will provide material support functions including procurement, receipt, stowage, issue, and accounting for the following types of material in accordance with directives and in quantities necessary for the operation of the SHERMAN : consumables, equipage, repair parts, food items, and fuel procurement documents.

The Supply Department ratings are YN , SK , FS, and HS. The Supply Department's divisions are Administrations, Supply, Food Services, and Health.

Aviation Detachment

Sherman often sails with a deployed Coast Guard helicopter and crew, called the AVDET. The AVDET is under the direction of the senior pilot. The helos are used to augment or extend the range and capabilities of SHERMAN 's sensors. With the use of night vision goggles (NVG's), the helos can operate covertly in total darkness, closely monitoring suspect vessels on the water.

AVDET ratings are AET, AMT, and when deployed with HITRON, GM. Although Air Stations have AST's, they do not normally deploy to cutters.


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