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Weapons Department

Boatswain's Mate

The professional mariners of the Coast Guard, Boatswains Mates are in charge of all deck evolutions on board RUSH. Handling lines while mooring and unmooring, boat lowering, anchoring, towing, and replenishment at sea are all details supervised by Boatswains Mates. Responsible for the lives and safety of a small boat crew, Boatswains Mates serve as small boat crew coxswains during boat evolutions. Underway, Boatswains Mates serve as Boatswains Mate of the Watch ensuring watertight integrity and proper gear stowage. They also supervise and train the bridge crew in helm and lookout duties. Senior Third and Second Class Petty Officers are encouraged to qualify as Quartermaster of the Watch. First Class and Chief Boatswains Mates are encouraged to become Officer of the Deck underway. Boatswains Mates typically stand two 4-hour watches a day while underway in addition to other duties. Boatswains Mates are assigned to the Deck Division in the Weapons Department. They perform and supervise important maintenance of RUSH's decks, exterior hull, superstructure, lifesaving gear, and boats. Boatswains Mates have the knowledge to teach and supervise the art of seamanship; from knot tying, line handling, splicing and painting to navigation and piloting.

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Underway a Seaman participates in all deck evolutions under the supervision of the Boatswains Mates, and is responsible for handling mooring lines, anchoring the ship, raising and lowering of the ship's small boats, serving as small boat crewman, and performing rescue-swimmer duties. A Seaman typically stands two 4-hour watches a day while underway. In port seaman will stand security watch. A Seaman can work as a helicopter tie down team member during flight operations, and they may become a boarding team member to help enforce laws and treaties. All Seaman on board RUSH will help the galley by serving as a Mess Cook on a rotating basis. Mess Cooking is not glamorous, but it is an important aspect of habitability and crew morale. Seaman also serve on damage control teams during General Quarters; fighting fires, controlling flooding, and dewatering spaces. Seaman also serve as a vital part of the ship's defense force by manning machine gun mounts and the MK75/76mm cannon.

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Weapons Electronics Technician

Fire Control Technicians are responsible for the operation and maintenance of the MK-92 Mod 1 Gun Fire Control System and the MK-15 Phalanx Close In Weapons System (CIWS). They have skills in advanced electronics, radar, gyro, data communications, computers, servo-synchro, miniature and micro-miniature circuit repair. Initial training includes a 24-week class "A" school in RTC Yorktown, Virginia, followed by either a 19-week class "C" school consisting of MK-92 FCS specialty training or a 30-week MK-15 CIWS specialty training. The MK-92 is the radar system that controls the MK-75 76mm gun. It consists of an antenna, radar, computer, and all interface equipment needed to connect it to the gun. The CIWS is a self-contained gun and fire control system. It houses a 20mm gattling gun, radar, computer, as well as other control equipment. When RUSH is inport, Fire Control Technicians stand duty as Gangway Petty Officer and augment the "Duty Gunners Mate".

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Gunner's Mate

The Gunners Mate is responsible for operating, maintaining, and repairing a wide variety of ordnance equipment on RUSH. From small arms and machine guns, pyrotechnics and countermeasures, to the Mk75 76mm, RUSH has the latest weapons systems available to the Coast Guard. Experts in the ordnance field, the Gunners Mates also maintain and stow ammunition and pyrotechnics, administer the small arms training program, inspect magazines and pyrotechnic lockers for proper temperature and storage, and assist in the law enforcement activities of the ship. With the advancement of technology in the weapons field, the Gunners Mate has evolved into a technician with a wide range of skills. In depth knowledge of hydraulics, pneumatics, mechanics, explosives, and electronics are all essential to complete the myriad of tasks that befall the Gunners Mate. Many Gunners Mates will graduate from class "A" School and proceed to advanced training in other areas before they are fully prepared to report to their ship. Upon arrival, their training will continue until the day they depart. This is the major advantage for a GM who serves on a high endurance cutter. RUSH offers a rare opportunity for a Gunners Mate to utilize all skills and training on one platform. On RUSH the GM completes maintenance tasks on the weapons systems in accordance with the planned maintenance system. They also conduct daily inspections and security rounds as "Duty GM". This includes accountability of weapons and ammunition and inspections of ordnance storage spaces. Much of their job is centered on the armed defense of the vessel, and keeping our ship in a constant state of military preparedness.

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