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Support Department

Food Service Specialist

As an FS onboard RUSH, our day begins before most of the crew gets up, and at times lasts well past midnight. RUSH cooks take extreme pride in the fact that they provide ninety nine percent of the ship's morale while underway. Our menus offer a variety of dishes that range from the simple cheeseburger to the extravagant filet mignon. It is an excellent training platform for newly assigned FS's from Class A school and for junior cooks with prior Coast Guard culinary experience. RUSH has one main galley, the Wardroom pantry and the Commanding Officer's pantry. Our main galley provides the bulk of the meals to E-6 and below and the Chief's mess. Being a Food Service Specialist is demanding work, due to the long hours, and constant need to remain flexible on an operational unit such as RUSH. But as an FS, it is a challenging and very rewarding tour of duty that will not be forgotten.

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Health Service Technician

This is an independent duty assignment as are most afloat jobs for HS personnel. Daily routine underway involves clinical sickcall for the crew, sanitation inspections and environmental health monitoring (Heat stress surveys and potable water testing). The underway periods are also used for Health/Dental record review to compile inport medical and dental work for the crew. Training of first aid techniques and other occupational health principles are also done during patrols. The medical and dental support facilities available during the patrol vary from nonexistent to better than home port. During inport periods, the HSC works to coordinate appointments of routine medical and dental care for the crew. Also, follow up appointments for more chronic medical conditions are monitored to ensure completion prior to the ship deploying. Liaison with the home port medical clinic is very important to ensure medical care continues for members left behind during patrols. In addition to the above responsibilities of patient care, supplies must be inventoried and ordered to cover medical problems and emergencies encountered while underway.

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The function of the SUPPLY division onboard RUSH is to provide support for all shipboard supplies and services which contribute to our many missions. The Supply team has storekeepers who perform a variety of tasks for RUSH such as procurement, inventory management, property, reconciliation, shipping& receiving, and management of Material Turn-in Repairable (MTR). The systems in which we use to accomplish our tasks are Financial Procurement Desktop (FPD) and Configuration Management Plus (CMPLUS).

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As a Yeoman on the Coast Guard Cutter RUSH, you'll be a Coast Guard personnel specialist. You'll perform personnel, clerical and administrative duties. You'll prepare, route, and file correspondence, forms, reports and maintain directives and publications. You'll maintain Personnel Data Records by preparing forms for pay, advancement, transfer, separation, and other personnel matters. The ship's office duties involve the use of computers for word processing, database management, and personnel management. Using Direct Access is a key component of the ship's office. You will also be the link for the member and the Servicing Personnel Office at ISC. Without you, pay problems and other dilemmas could not be handled efficiently and effictively. You'll act as career information counselor providing general information on ratings and service benefits. Currently, RUSH has a yeoman striker program in which a selected non-rate intending to become a yeoman has the opportunity to request to work in the ship's office on a full time basis. This is a great opportunity to learn hands on all the skills listed above.

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