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Hello RUSH families!

This section of the site is dedicated to making sure our crewmembers and families are provided with the adequate resources needed for their assignments and to inform them of the useful asset that is the unit ombudsman. Here you will find useful information about support and assistance, and lot's of other great stuff! For those of you in extended families, ALOHA! We are very happy to have you here. You can find emergency contact information, and important phone numbers.

The RUSH Ombudsman will act as a liaison between the command and the families. They will relay any messages to and from the command to the families. The ombudsman also has access to resources for helping with the difficulties of a patrol, and assistance with the day-to-day life and difficulties that arise with the transfer to a new unit.

The RUSH ombudsman is also a great resource for assistance in relocation. These tools, as well as your crew aboard RUSH, will prove help in your adjustment to your new life. We hope you find your assignment as exciting and fruitful as we have.

The current RUSH ombusman is Meghan Crawford, you can e-mail her at or you can reach her by telephone at 808-354-3789


RUSH's inport contact information

Phone: (808) 842-2870

Fax: (808) 842-2871

RUSH's inport and underway mailing address

FPO AP 96677-3921
ATTN: (Mail Recipient Here)

Base Honolulu Contacts
Hawaii Military Commissary/Exchange
Base Honolulu Work Life:
(808) 842-2085
Coast Guard Exchange:
(808) 832-2564
Family Advocacy Specialist:
(808) 842-2087
Hickam AFB Commissary:
(808) 449-7692

EAP Coordinator:

Hickam AFB Exchange:
(808) 423-1304
Family Resource Specialist:
(808) 842-2089
Pearl Harbor Navy Exchange:
(808) 423-3344
Personnel Administration:
(808) 842-2053
Schofield Barracks Commissary:
(808) 655-5066
Personnel Pass & I.D.:
(808) 842-2062
Schofield Barracks Exchange:
(808) 622-1773
Servicing Personnel Office:
(808) 842-2025
Base Transportation Ct:
(808) 842-2020
(808) 842-2071
(808) 842-2952


Last Modified 9/2/2014