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Engineering Department

Damage Controlman

Damage Controlman on RUSH work within the Damage Control Division and are responsible for a variety of tasks on board. Hull maintenance, repair locker inventory, welding, sewage system maintenance, and upkeep of the portable fire fighting and flooding dewatering equipment. However, one of the most important jobs performed by Damage Controlman on RUSH is to train the crew in all aspects of damage control; from controlling flooding to fighting fires. For special evolutions, Damage Controlman are placed in key positions of repair lockers. As Damage Controlman become more senior, they move to a training team to help plan drills and battle scenarios. During flight quarters, Damage Controlman are assigned as a fire team on-scene leader. The responsibilities and duties of Damage Controlman on board RUSH are crucial to the ship's survivability in emergency situations. Damage Controlman have the opportunity to attend highly technical welding schools and firefighting classes. Damage Controlman take their job seriously and live by their motto, "Learn or Burn!"

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Electrician's Mate

Responsible for the repair and maintenance of all electrical equipment on board RUSH, Electricians Mates form the core of the Electrical Division. This equipment includes power generation, machinery plant control system, emergency generator, flight control and landing system, small boat electrical systems, visual and audible systems, and steering control systems to name a few. EM's are responsible for the proper operation of all electrical equipment throughout the ship. Electricians Mates gain considerable knowledge in their rate and in practical mechanical experience. Advancement opportunities are always available for motivated petty officers in the electrical field. Electricians Mate is one of the most challenging rates in the Coast Guard, but it is also one of the most rewarding.

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Machinery Technician

The Machinery Technicians on RUSH are tasked with a variety of responsibilities within the Engineering Department. Machinery Technicians have an enormous amount of responsibility for a variety of systems. Due to the variety of systems on board RUSH, Machinery Technicians fall into two divisions, Main-Propulsion and Auxiliary. Accounting for the bulk of the Engineering Department personnel, Machinery Technicians in Main Propulsion work to ensure the smooth operation of two main diesel engines, two gas turbines, two diesel generators, two boilers, and an evaporator for making freshwater. That's a combined output of over 43,000 shaft horsepower. Machinery Technicians working in the Auxiliary Division are responsible for providing RUSH with "hotel" services and ensuring that RUSH has a clean and adequate fuel supply on board. These services include maintaining the heating, air conditioning, refrigeration, steam, steering, sanitation, and fuel and ballast systems. These are just a few of the responsibilities covered by Machinery Technicians in the Auxiliary Division. Auxiliary Division supplies a boat engineer who is responsible for the small boats and performs daily PMS on the RHI and MSB. Machinery Technicians are exposed to and experience a wealth of opportunity to learn and apply skills while serving on RUSH. The knowledge and expertise acquired will provide any Machinery Technician with a solid foundation for future career development.

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A Fireman on RUSH is the ultimate introductory job for someone who wants to learn how engineering systems work. Fireman get the chance to work on every piece of equipment on the ship, from diesel and gas turbine propulsion engines to small boats, air conditioning, refrigeration, hydraulics, and steam. Fireman are the backbone of the engineering plant, the local experts. They get to know the equipment better than anyone and often become the strongest and most relied upon watchstanders. While underway firemen stand four hour watches in the engineroom. They are the 'eyes and ears' of the Engineer Of the Watch (EOW) and make hourly rounds throughout the ship taking readings on all major equipment outside the engineroom. While RUSH is inport Firemen are assigned to a duty section and stand security watches. The experience gained from a tour as a fireman on RUSH will provide a sound foundation for a career as a Machinery Technician or Aviation Maintenance Technician (MK or AMT), Electricians Mate (EM), Electronics Technician or Aviation Electronics Technician (ET or AVT), Damage Controlman (DC), or any other rate where a fundamental understanding of machinery is a prerequisite

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