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Command Chief

FSCS Lavonda Mitchell, USCG

Senior Chief Lavonda Mitchell serves as the Command Senior Chief (CSC), Food Service Officer (FSO). She was born and raised in Wilmington, NC and graduated from Stuttgart American High School in 1992. In Fall 1993 she attended University of North Carolina –Chapel Hill and transferred to University of North Carolina Central. In 1994, she Enlisted in the Coast Guard in Greensboro, NC and completed boot camp, TRACEN Cape May in August 1994. Her first unit was CGC KANKAKEE, Memphis, TN. Following units include: FS “A” School TRACEN Petaluma; CGC THETIS Key West, FL; AIRSTATION SITKA, Sitka, AK; STATION CAPE DISAPPOINTMENT, Ilwaco, WA; CGC MELLON, Seattle, WA; CGC THETIS Key West, FL; CGC FORWARD, Portsmouth, VA, SECTOR SAN JUAN , San Juan, PR, and CGC RUSH, Honolulu, HI . Senior Chief Mitchell holds a BSM in Information Technology from University of Phoenix.

Last Modified 3/11/2014