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Security Levels

Unit Mission

Morgenthau ArtUSCGC MORGENTHAU has three primary responsibilities during deployments that range from Safety of Life and Property, Maritime Law Enforcement and National Defense throughout the entire Pacific Ocean Basin.

MORGENTHAU's foremost mission is the Coast Guard's historic tradition of protecting the safety of life and property at sea. With a flight deck capable of landing a Coast Guard HH-65 Dolphin helicopter, a state of the art communications and sensor suite, and extended endurance, MORGENTHAU is a floating command center capable of coordinating ships and aircraft for search and rescue or responding to natural and environmental accidents and disasters.  

Another mission that MORGENTHAU performs is that of maritime law enforcement. Boarding teams from MORGENTHAU are on the front line protecting the stocks of living marine resources found in Alaska fishing grounds. MORGENTHAU's law enforcement role also includes reducing the flow of illicit drugs and other contraband into the United States, interdicting illegal migrants, and checking mariner compliance with vessel safety regulations.  

Defense Readiness is MORGENTHAU's third primary mission. Periodic training with the Navy and participation in joint exercises compliments continuous onboard efforts to ensure that MORGENTHAU's crew, weapons, and sensors are ready to function effectively in support of national security goals. MORGENTHAU's unique capabilities make the cutter an ideal platform for low intensity conflicts, coastal surveillance missions, and port security roles.

The versatility of cutters such as MORGENTHAU, with its multi-mission capability, provides our great Nation a very cost effective and non-redundant armed service. This is a capability associated only with the U.S. Coast Guard; gainfully employed in peacetime and ready for immediate service in a national defense role.

MORGENTHAU's operating area is vast. With law enforcement missions ranging from interdicting drugs near Central America to enforcing fisheries regulations near Alaska to enforcing International high seas drift net in the Northwest Pacific, it is easy to see that the Coast Guard has an ongoing need for deep-water service cutters.

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