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An Ombudsman is a link between the command, crew, and families at home and while the ship is deployed. Information is passed to families via a "phone tree" or email. (All contact information will remain protected under the Privacy Act and will only be used for official communications.)

If a family emergency happens, the family contacts the Ombudsman, who in turn contacts the ship. An Ombudsman also serves as a liaison between families and Coast Guard programs.

Some of the programs offered include Chaplain assistance, the Employee Assistance Program, Family Advocacy, Family Resource Specialist, and Health Care Advisors. The Ombudsman is also available to help significant others, parents or relatives of crewmembers. For all transferring crewmembers and their families, local information and welcome packets are also available.

Carrie Czarnecki

I Am an Ombudsman

I am not a crutch
But I can support you
I am not a counselor
But I know how to reach one

I am not a taxi driver
But I can steer you in the right direction
I am not a rescuer
But I can help save lives
I am not a baby sitter
But I can refer you to a caregiver

I am not a gossiper
But I am a great listener
I am not an enabler
But I can provide tools to empower you
I am not a master of anything
But I know many experts who understand your needs

I am not a Recreation or Health Specialist
But I am concerned about your morale, well being, and health
I am not a busybody as I've been called
But I am a Coast Guard Ombudsman
And I am of service to you -The Coast Guard Family

Shared by Kaye Morris on Our House

Last Modified 12/9/2014