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Main Propulsion Division

     The Main Propulsion Division is composed of Machinery Technicians and non-rated firemen led by the Main Propulsion Assistant (MPA). The responsibilities of the Main Propulsion Division include the safe operation and maintenance of the cutter's three main engines which include two MTU 20 V 1163 Main Diesel Engines generating around 9,000 horsepower apiece, which are combined through a combining gear with a GE LM-2500 Gas Turbine that brings an additional 29,000 horsepower to the total output of the main engines. These 3 engines taken together will propel the ship at speeds greater than 28 knots.

     Inport, the Main Propulsion Division, with the help of some shipmates, stands the Inport Security Watch (Security), and the Engineer of the Watch (EOW). Together, they monitor and otherwise maintain the Engineering Plant using the Machinery Control and Monitoring System (MCMS) which monitors over 4,000 sensors, opens and closes valves, and lights off equipment, maintaining the habitability and readiness of the ship's systems for the next deployment.

     Underway, the Main Propulsion Division stands watches in the Engineering Control Room (ECR) and the Engine Rooms, ensuring the safe operation and maintenance of the cutter's three main engines and associated equipment.

Last Modified 11/19/2014