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OPM-4 Frequently Asked Questions

What is OPM-4?

The Officer Career Management Branch (OPM-4) provides officer career management information that revolves around three basic themes:

Who can use OPM-4 services? 

Any Active Duty Coast Guard Officer, Cadet, Officer Candidate or Officer Trainee.  Though OPM-4 is more than happy to assist Reserve Officers as best we can, Reserve Officers are recommended to schedule an appointment with RPM by sending an email to 

How do I schedule an appointment? 

Send an email to

How do I update my record?

Adding Docs to Your Electronically-Imaged Personnel Data Record (EI-PDR)

If you have a document that you need put in your EI-PDR, get with your Servicing Personnel Office (SPO) and have the Yeomen there scan the copy of that document and send it to the Records Branch. The SPO needs to validate the documents and are the ones from whom the Records Branch accepts the documents.  The correct email for your SPO to send your documents to is:

***Time-Sensitive EI-PDR Entries***

If you need to get a document(s) in your record expeditiously, have your SPO put "URGENT - BOARD / PANEL ENTRY" as the subject line of the email.  The Records Branch looks for these subject headings twice a day and can usually get those updated in your record in 1-2 business days.  Without this subject line, it may take up to 2-3 months to get the document added to your record.

To see what documents a promotion board will view, please refer to COMDTINST 1410.2 – Documents Viewed By Coast Guard Officer Promotion And Special Boards

To see what documents can be placed in your EI-PDR, please refer to COMDTINST M1080.10I, Military Personnel Data Records (PDR) System

How to Update Your Employee Summary Sheet (ESS)

Your ESS pulls its information from Direct Access.  If something is off / missing / inaccurate in your ESS, please see your SPO to update.

A good reference for your SPO is the Direct Access SPO Tutorials on PPC’s website (about half-way down the page):

How to See Which Competencies Can Be Added to your ESS

The Competency Dictionary is a tool the YNs use for adding your competencies in DA.  It is highly recommended you review this spreadsheet yourself to ensure you are getting credit in your record for all of your qualifications and competencies.  Please use this link here to find the Competency Dictionary

Can you tell me why I was not selected for PG School, Flight School or Promotion?

It is important to note "up front" that OPM-4 is neither a member of selection panels nor promotion boards. Every panel/board takes an oath not to reveal the deliberations that went into the selection of candidates. OPM-4 does not know the exact reason for your non-selection.  OPM-4 can conduct a records review and point out to you derogatory information that may have limited your potential for selection.  OPM-4 will also discuss ways to increase your competitiveness for subsequent selection or promotion panels.

How do I know my record is ready for a board? 

The promotion system provides a competitive process whereby Coast Guard Officers within each grade compete for promotion to the next grade. The basic goal is to advance the Best and Fully Qualified Officers to higher grades.  Your record is your personal representation at all selection boards for promotion, command and school.

The board does not see you. They only see your record. It is important that you fully understand all the parts of your record and know how to keep it updated. As we review records during counseling, we routinely come across poorly managed records. We find records not updated with important items such as PG education transcripts, Form CG-4082's, and personal awards. Failure to have all your information in your record may present a limited picture of your performance and potential. Ensuring your record is current and complete is your responsibility.  It is neither difficult nor time consuming to ensure you have a current and updated record. Don't procrastinate and wait until the last minute. We recommend you contact OPM-4 to review your official PDR a minimum of 90 days prior to your promotion board or PG selection panel.

How do I request a copy of my official record?

See the following link from the Records Branch: EI-PDR Request

OER correction questions?

Contact the Officer Evaluations Branch.

Special Board questions?

Contact the Special Boards Section.

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