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Career Management Branch (PSC-OPM-4)


OPM-4 Mission Statement

To provide dedicated career management counseling to officers of all grades; with special emphasis on individual competitiveness, future career decisions, and officer career management analysis while serving as a resource in responding to other staff actions concerning officer career management. 

Also, upon request, to counsel officers concerning competitiveness and failure of selection for Post-Graduate and promotion for grades CWO2 thru O-6. 

OPM-4 targets junior officers (O3 & below) since their careers are typically less defined than more senior officers. Consequently, they tend to have more questions about how different assignment scenarios could impact future career aspirations.  We also target officers that are in-zone for promotion to help ensure that they have a complete record going before the promotion board.  Nonetheless, any officer who desires to discuss aspects of their career will be given ample opportunity and have the ability to benefit from OPM-4 services.

To schedule an appointment send an email to ARL-PF-CGPSC-OPM-4. 

Though OPM-4 is more than happy to assist Reserve Officers as best we can, Reserve Officers are recommended to schedule an appointment with RPM by sending an email to ARL-PF-CGPSC-RPM. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Record of Professional Development (CG-4082)

Download Form

This optional form is an important and often overlooked component of an officer's record. At a minimum it is recommended that all officers submit an updated CG-4082 prior to a selection panel or promotion board.  Each form that you submit becomes a part of your record and is not replaced by previous submissions, so there is no need to repeat information on subsequent forms.

It is strongly recommended that officers document all significant education, training and qualifications on a CG-4082 that is not captured on the member's Employee Summary Sheet in CGBI. 

The completed form should be submitted to the PSC Records Branch (MR) via the member's Servicing Personnel Office (SPO).

OPM-4 CGPortal Site

OPM-4 has updated our CGPortal site to provide career guidance information which can be accessed by clicking the following link: OPM-4 Portal Site.

Career Management Webinars

As per ALCGOFF 036-14 (, due to limitations for in-person Road Shows, OPM-4 is more than happy to conduct Career Management Webinars. All scheduled webinars are published here: Anyone wishing to request a Webinar, or attend an already scheduled Webinar, please contact LT Mike Moyseowicz.

OPM-4 Feedback Survey:

If you have already had a counseling session with OPM-4, we'd appreciate hearing from you!  If you could please take a minute to fill out a short survey regarding your session, it would help us better serve you and others in the future.  Please click OPM-4 Feedback Survey to provide your feedback.

Officer Career Guides

Acquisitions Career Guide    Response Career Guide    Intel Career Guide DCMS Career Guide  Prevention Career Guide   Civil Engineering Yellow Book

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