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Coast Guard Personnel Service Center

Officer Personnel Management Division

Officer Evaluations Branch (CG PSC-opm-3)

OER Submission Schedule

Regular OERs

Annual or semiannual as of the last day of the month:

  • 31 JAN  -  LTJG

  • 31 MAR -  CDR, ENS

  • 30 APR  - CAPT, LCDR, CWO4

  • 31 MAY -  LT

  • 30 JUN  -  LTJG (IN ZONE), CWO2

  • 31 JUL   -  LTJG, CWO3

  • 30 SEP  -  ENS

Notes:  (1)  An OER period may be extended for up to 92/182 days under certain conditions.  Consult COMDTINST M1000.3A for further guidance.

            (2) Officers assigned to DUINS please refer to COMDTINST M1000.3A, Article 5.A.5 for submission schedule.


Timeline: All OERs are due to OPM-3 45 days after the end of period


21 Days:  Before end of period:
Reported-on Officer (ROO) submits to Supervisor a list of significant accomplishments during the period, supporting documents (as required), and administrative data required for OER Section 1.


10 Days After the period:
Supervisor sections of OER due to Reporting Officer.


30 Days:  After the period:
Supervisor and Reporting Officer sections due to Reviewer.   Reviewer sends completed OER to OER Administrator.


45 Days After the period:
OER due to CG PSC for review and entry into official record.


21 Days After receipt of official copy of OER:
ROO may submit a Reported-on Officer Reply to Supervisor within 21 days from receipt of the official copy from CG PSC-opm-3 or CG PSC-rpm.  COMDTINST M1000.3A, Article 5.A.7.e. has more info.

Last Modified 4/17/2014