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Coast Guard Personnel Service Center

Officer Personnel Management Division

Officer Boards, Promotions, and Separations Branch CG PSC (opm-1)

Postgraduate Education & Advanced Training Section

Welcome to CG PSC (opm-1)'s Coast Guard Postgraduate and Advanced Education (PG/Adv Ed) information web page. Here you will find the PG/Adv Ed schedule, Precept, Results, Application Guidance, etc.

PG/Adv Ed Program Staff:

YN3 Christian Hazzard
PG/Adv Ed Admin Staff

Alternately, you may contact:
LT Lauren Milici
Asst Chief, Boards Section

Or, you may contact:
LCDR Brian Whisler
Chief, Boards Section



AY16 PG/Adv Ed Deadline  * AY16 PG/ADV Ed Schedule  * Documents  *  Web Links  *  Manuals/Instructions *
Primary Selectee Documentation

AY16 PG/Adv Ed Schedule and Results:

All schedules and results will be posted on the OPM-1 PG/Adv Ed Portal Page at:

If you are unable to access the CG Portal, contact PG/Adv Ed Manager.


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AY16 PG/Adv Ed Deadline:

1) E-Resume submission

2) Command Endorsement with E-Resume Marked Final

3) Test scores correctly entered in Direct Access

4) Test scores scanned into your CG PSC IPDR

5) Degree Information correctly entered in Direct Access

6) Transcripts scanned into your CG PSC IPDR

7) Waiver request submission (if applicable)

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Web Links:

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Required Documentation for Primary Selectees

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Last Modified 1/13/2016