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Driving Directions to NPFC at Ballston

The National Pollution Funds Center offices are located above Ballston Common Mall in Arlington, VA. They are easily accessible by car, metro rail, and bus.

Restricted Routes (HOV)

Some roads in the D.C. Metro Area, including Route 66 near NPFC, are restricted to vehicles with two or more people during certain times on weekdays. The roads and/or lanes are called HOV (for Higher Occupancy Vehicles) and are marked with white diamonds. If you will be driving by yourself during rush hour, check the HOV Routes and Hours as you plan your trip, particularly if you will be using Route 66.

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Once you park at the Ballston Parking Garage, take an elevator to the first floor of the mall, and find the passageway to the Ballston Common Office Center hidden between Regis Hair Salon and the American Greetings store. Take the elevators in the lobby to the 10th floor, where you must sign in at the Administration Office. (If you are visiting another Coast Guard command at Ballston, go directly to the appropriate floor.).

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From Washington, DC

Depending on where you are in DC, you may take I-395 South or Route 66 to exit the city.

Via I-395 (North or South)

(Do not use the HOV lanes on I-395 because they will not allow you to exit near Glebe Road.)

  1. Take Exit 7B onto Glebe Road.
  2. Go for about 3 miles; Ballston Common Mall will be on your right after you pass Randolph Street.
  3. Turn right into the Ballston Parking Garage.

Via Route 66 West

  1. Get off on Exit 71 (Glebe Road).
  2. At the end of the exit ramp, turn left onto North Glebe Road.
  3. At the third light, turn left into the Ballston Parking Garage.

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From Virginia or Maryland

For most locations in Virginia and Maryland, the easiest way to get to NPFC is to take the Beltway (I-495) to Route 66, although using I-395 or the George Washington Parkway may be faster for some locations.. However, Route 66 is HOV-2 restricted at certain times on weekdays. If you are driving alone during those times, use Route 50 instead.

Via Route 66 East

  1. Take I-495 (the Beltway) to Route 66 East.
  2. Get off on Exit 71 (Fairfax Drive/Glebe Road).
  3. Stay in the right hand lane, and at the second light, make a right onto Glebe Road.
  4. At the second light, turn left into the Ballston Parking Garage.

Via Route 50 (Arlington Boulevard)

  1. Take I-495 (the Beltway) to Route 50 East (Arlington Boulevard).
  2. Go several miles, until you've passed Seven Corners and Patrick Henry Drive.
  3. Take the right exit for Carlin Springs Drive.
  4. At the end of the exit ramp, turn left.
  5. Follow Carlin Springs until it ends in the Ballston Parking Garage.

If you are on Route 66 outside of the Beltway

If you are driving alone on Route 66 outside of the Beltway during HOV-2 hours, you must exit the highway at the Beltway and take Route 50 the rest of the way.

  1. Once you pass the Nutley Street exit on Route 66, get into the far right lane.
  2. Exit onto I-495 South (towards Springfield and Richmond).
  3. Stay in the far right, and take the next exit onto Route 50 (Arlington Boulevard) East.
  4. Follow the directions above to get the rest of the way to NPFC.

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From National Airport/George Washington Parkway

  1. Go north of the airport on the George Washington Parkway, past the exits to the 14th Street Bridge and I-395.
  2. Stay in the left lane and exit to Memorial Bridge and Route 50 (this is a left exit).
  3. On the exit ramp, move to the right lane (do not merge left onto the circle and bridge). The right lane of the ramp curves under the bridge and comes to a yield.
  4. Cross the road and continue to Route 50 (do not take the left exit from the ramp).
  5. Merge onto Route 50. Exits are now on your right.
  6. Continue past the Court House exit and take the exit to 10th Street.
  7. Take 10th Street past three traffic lights and a fire station.
  8. Turn left at the light ontoWilson Boulevard (there is a short left turn lane).
  9. After about ¾ mile, turn left on Randolph Street.
  10. Enter the Ballston Parking Garage about 1/2 way down the block on the right.

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Last Modified 1/12/2016