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The National Maritime Center's website is built with Active Server Pages that work in a Microsoft environment.  Although the site is friendly to other operating systems like Apple and Linux it is best viewed in Microsoft 7 or higher. 

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NMC Website

We are constantly striving to improve our web presence and provide our viewers with easy access to information needed in a visually appealing atmosphere. If you are experiencing broken links or other problems with our website, please contact us through the Web Master e-mail button.


Web Master

Website Problems

Some problems you encounter may be caused by issues with the browser, software or operating system from which you are viewing. The list below may help you resolve such issues.

Problem Try
Slow pages Check for browser updates—our present site works best in browser versions Internet Explorer 10, Safari 3, Firefox 5, Opera 10, and Google Chrome 12 or later.
Pictures do not show up Download Adobe Flash—to optimize your viewing of some graphics. This is a free download from and takes very little time and effort.
PDF will not open or download Download Adobe Reader—to open and download PDF files. This is a free download from and takes up very little time and effort. The Adobe website walks you through the process.
Pop-up not working,
Web page freezing up,
application not working
Check your browser settings—you may have pop-ups, javascript or cookies disabled. This may prevent you receiving important information and cause pages not to respond. Clearing your cache may also help with sluggish browsers.
Broken links or "Page not found" errors

Often times broken links are the result of ongoing updates to the website. You can report the problem by clicking the Webmaster button above.

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