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How much do you know about our nations first president?

Question 1:

In what city did George Washington's inauguration take place?


Washington was elected to two terms in office, his first inauguration was in our nation's first capital, New York. By the time of his second inaguration, the capital, and the ceremony, had moved to Philidelphia.

Question 2:

Was Washington a Republican or Democrat?


Washington was neither a Republican nor Democrat...
He was a Federalist!

Question 3:

What was Washington's college alma mater?


Washington was one of nine Presidents who never attended college. The other eight include: Jackson, Van Buren, Taylor Fillmore, Lincoln, Johnson, Cleveland, and Truman.

Question 4:

What other positions did Washington hold besides President?


Washington's previous occupations include: surveyor, soldier, and general.
However, he considered himself first and foremost, a farmer.

In Honor of George Washington's Birthday The National Maritime Center will be closed Monday, February 17, 2014.