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You MUST submit a complete application to NMC 2 Training and Assessment Division for consideration for an new courses.


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Site Approval

Course Providers

The mariner training provider requires you to complete a "Site Approval Request" form which is listed. Furthermore, please view the tabs below for detail instructions.

* All new courses must go through NMC 2.


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Site Approval Requirements

The Coast Guard considers a suitable training facility an important component in providing quality training. 46 CFR, 11.301 to 303 requires that each school with an approved course must have the following:

  • A well maintained facility that accommodates the students in a safe and comfortable environment conducive to learning
  • A suitable, shore-based, training room in which the student is provided an atmosphere conducive to learning

 These guidelines are recommendations. When a training facility does not meet site acceptance guidelines, the provider must present substantiating documentation supporting their contention that the site is suitable for the training offered.


General Considerations


Disclaimer: You may submit Site Approvals through NMC 1 if the course has all ready been approved. If it is a new course you MUST submit through NMC 2.




Site Approval Instructions


Please follow these instructions:


Step 1: Complete the Site Approval Request Guide.

Step 2: Include the following attachments:

  1. One drawing of the classroom with dimensions (width and length) with teacher island.
    Sample Drawing
  2. Two pictures of the classroom (front to rear and rear to front). Save the pictures as jpeg.
    Sample Pictures
  3. One picture of the exterior building (front). Save the picture as jpeg.
    Sample Picture

Step 3: E-mail guide with attachments
Sample Drawings & Pictures

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