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In addition to required sea service, training, and practical demonstration of skill, mariners are also required to successfully pass written examinations in order to earn credential endorsements. This applies to original endorsements, as well as raises of grade, increases of scope, and renewal, both for officer and rating endorsements. The deck and engineering officer endorsements requiring examination are listed in 46 CFR 11.903.

Examination Guide and Exam Q&A's

  • Regulations
  • Exam Fees

Examination Regulations

A mariner seeking an original national endorsement or raise of grade based on training or service started before March 24, 2014, will be examined under the regulations in effect before that date unless they have specifically requested to examine for their endorsement under the final rule published by the Coast Guard on December 24, 2013, (78 FR 77796).



Exam Fees

Exam Fees should be paid prior to your exam date. is the preferred method of payment however we also accept written checks and money orders made out to U.S. Coast Guard.

The Code of Federal Regulations CFR 46 Part 10.219(a) gives information about examination fees. The cost of examination is dependent on the officer or rating endorsement for which you are applying. The links below provide a breakdown of evaluation, examination and issuance fees by credential application type and endorsement/rating.

Exams are administered through local Regional Exam Centers (REC)


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