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The Mariner Training and Assessment Data service is ONLY offered to course providers. Mariners: please follow the links at the top for information regarding the application process.

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Mariner Training and Assessment Data (MTAD)

Homeport Function

Homeport allows course providers to enter and review course completion data on mariners seeking credentials. The tabs below will provide an overview of MTAD’s function and how to log in and register for an MTAD account.

NOTE: Users cannot register on the Homeport page for an account and must register using the instructions below. ALL trusted agents need their own log in. There is no limit for amount of users per course provider.

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Mariner Training and Assessment Data (MTAD)

The National Maritime Center (NMC) recommends that all approved Marine Training Providers (MTPs), whose courses are being approved, renewed, or modified after January 01, 2013 submit their mariner course completion data electronically utilizing MTAD.

The MTAD program allows training providers to submit course completion information via the Coast Guard’s “Homeport” website free of charge. After an MPT submits information via Homeport, the encrypted course completion information is then merged with the mariner’s electronic record and is available to NMC evaluators when the mariner applies for a Merchant Mariner Credential. This paperless method will further streamline the application process and reduce the possibility of fraudulent course completion certificates.

Sign Up/Log In to Homeport Account

To register for a Homeport account you must submit an e-mail request to NMCMTAD@USCG.MIL. The request should contain the following:

  • A scanned, signed document on school letterhead.
  • Signature should be the school president, director, chief executive officer (CEO).
  • A designated point of contact along with their position, e-mail address, and phone number.

You will receive an e-mail containing username and password information once a Homeport account has been established. Please allow 5 business days for return e-mail containing username and password.

You may then Log in to your Homeport account.

NOTE: If already have a Homeport account, changes to supplied point of contact information will need to be coordinated through e-mail for confirmation.

Contacting the Training and Assessment Division

If for some reason you can not send your information via e-mail, you may use the address below to send it through the US Postal Service.

  • E-mail:
    It is highly recommended that Mariner Training and Assessment Data (MTAD) requests be submitted electronically via NMCMTAD@USCG.MIL.
  • Mail:
    National Maritime Center
    Attn.: Training & Assessment Division (NMC-2)
    100 Forbes Drive
    Martinsburg, WV 2540
  • Fax:
    Attn.: Training & Assessment Division (NMC-2)
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