Qualified Member of the Engine Department (QMED) Endorsements

Beginning March 24, 2014, Coast Guard will no longer issue Oiler-Limited.  Applicants will be issued Oiler and will have to take the exam for Oiler.  Those holding Oiler-Limited will be issued Oiler on next MMC transaction, without exam. 

Beginning March 24, 2015, Coast Guard will only issue original rating endorsements as QMED for the following:

Beginning March 24, 2015, endorsements as Deck Engineer, Deck/Engine Mechanic or Engineman, Refrigerating Engineer, Machinist, Electrician, or Pumpman can be renewed but will not issued as original.

Mariners who hold endorsements as Pumpman, Machinist, Electrician, or Refrigerating Engineer, who seek the combined endorsements of Pumpman/Machinist or Electrician/Refrigerating Engineer respectively, must take the appropriate exam described in 46 CFR Table 12.505(c).