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Catergories Terms Description
Form Application (CG 719) The applicant for an MMC, whether original, renewal, duplicate, raise of grade, or a new endorsement on a previously issued MMC, must establish to the Coast Guard that he or she satisfies all the requirements for the MMC and endorsement(s) sought before the Coast Guard will issue the MMC. This section contains the general requirements for all applicants. Additional requirements for duplicates, renewals, new endorsements, and raises of grade appear later in this part.
Form CG 719B Merchant Mariner Credential (MMC) application for mariners.
Form CG 719K Primary Medical application - Long Physical Form for Mariners.
Form CG 719KE Entry Level Physical Form needed only for entry level ratings, OS, Wiper, SD(FH)
Form CG 719P Periodic Drug Testing Form
Form CG 719S Small Vessel Sea Service Form for vessels under 100 tons.