Entry Level Mariners

For Entry Level mariners who sail internationally and therefore are required to hold a Basic Safety Training (BST) or Basic Training (BT) certificates: 

To apply for a medical certificate, these mariners should submit to an REC the following: a statement indicating they serve on vessels to which STCW or MLC applies (include full name, mariner reference number, and current address), and a copy of valid BST or BT certificates to a local REC. No physical or fees required.  

For  Entry Level mariners that wish to have the BST or BT endorsement issued, they should submit to an REC a CG-719B form with Section I - Personal Data completed and ensure the address is current.  In Section II-Type of Transaction, they should indicate that they are requesting a medical certificate and issuance of a BT endorsement.  They must also submit the statement and certificates described in the paragraph above. No physical or fees required.