Step 4: Pay Applicable Fees

Please utilize the below table to determine the fees needed for your application.

Further detail can be found in 46 Code of Federal Regulations 10.219.


Fees associated with Merchant Mariner Credentials listed by types of applications including evaluation, examinations, and issuance fees.
If you apply for And you need .  .  .
Evaluation then the fee is .  .  . Examination then the fee is .  .  . Issuance then the fee is .  .  .
Reissue, replacement, and duplicate n/a n/a $45

Preferred payment is by Pay.Gov.

NOTE: If a person loses a credential by shipwreck or other casualty, a duplicate will be issued free of charge. The term “other casualty” includes any damage to a ship caused by collision, explosion, tornado, wreck, flooding, beaching, grounding, or fire; or personal loss associated with a federally declared natural disaster. If a person loses a credential by means other than those noted in above and applies for a duplicate, the appropriate fee must be paid.