Archived 2013 Announcements grouped by subject listed by title and date. Links are PDF files.
Forms Date
Updated Forms for Shipment and Discharge of Merchant Mariners 12/20/2013
Mariner Contact Information Validation Request 10/15/2013
Forms Update Cancellation 02/07/2013
Implementation of Updated Mariner Credentialing Program (MCP) Forms Update 02/01/2013
Implementation of Updated Mariner Credentialing Program (MCP) Forms 01/17/2013
Marine Safety Bulletin Date
Marine Safety Bulletin 10/10/2013
Compliance with Canadian Marine Personnel Regulations 07/23/2013
Medical Date
Medical NVIC 04-08 Updated 06/21/2013
MMC Date
Increased Processing Times for Credentials, Security Endorsements and Services 12/20/2013
Mitigation Efforts Due to Lapse in Appropriations 10/23/2013
Extension of Expiring Merchant Mariner Credential(s)


NMC Date
Call Center December Closures 12/03/2013
Call Center November Closures 11/12/2013
Change to Customer Service Center Hours of Operation 10/31/2013
NMC Status Update October 17, 2013 10/17/2013
NMC Status 10/10/2013
Launch of New National Maritime Center Website 06/06/2013
The National Maritime Center's New Website (Beta Test) 03/07/2013
Government Shutdown 10/01/2013
Possible Government Shutdown 9/30/2013
REC Date
REC Honolulu Address Update 2 12/16/2013
REC Honolulu Address Update 1 11/19/2013
Temporary Closure of REC Honolulu, HI 11/06/2013
Monitoring Unit Guam Closed Until Further Notice 07/12/2013
Publication of the STCW Final Rule 12/24/2013
Application Status Updates 10/22/2013
STCW Security Related Endorsements 07/23/2013