Archived 2012 Announcements grouped by subject listed by title and date. Links are PDF files.
Forms Date
Mariner Credentialing Program Forms Update 07/13/2012
Drug Testing Date
DOT Office of Drug and Alcohol Policy and Compliance Notice 12/13/2012
MMC Date
Credentials Lost Due to Hurricane Sandy 12/20/2012
NMC Date
 Customer Service Center closing at 1pm 12/13/2012 12/13/2012
National Maritime Center Phone Issues Resolved  07/31/2012
National Maritime Center Phone Issue 07/27/2012
NMC Website Updates and Changes 06/27/2012
Public Relations Date
National Maritime Center to attend 2012 APA Exhibition 10/12/2012
Merchant Mariner Medical Advisory Committee (MMMAC) Meeting 09/24/2012
Merchant Marine Personnel Advisory Committee (MERPAC) Meeting 08/08/2012
Automated Application Status Notification via E-mail Improvements 04/24/2012
Merchant Mariner Medical Advisory Committee Meeting 04/09/2012
Mid-America Regional Exam Center Workgroup and Inland Conference 02/28/2012
MERPAC Intercessional Notice 01/12/2012
Passenger Vessel Annual Convention at MariTrends 2012 01/12/2012
REC Date
Regional Examination Center Update 11/13/12 11/13/2012
MU Guam will be scheduled at REC Honolulu 03/15/2012
Examinations at MU Guam will be scheduled at REC Honolulu 03/15/2012
STCW DDE - Chief Engineering Regulation 11/5/2012
STCW Endorsements - DDE 11/2/2012
Update to DDE Bulletin/ STCW Endorsements - DDE 11/01/2012
ECDIS Limitation Bulletin 10/26/2012
STCW Federal Register Notice 01/04/2012
Training Approvals Date
(MTAD) Program for Mariner Training Providers (MTPs) 07/17/2012
Course Approval E-mail Address Issues 07/17/2012
Designated Examiners Program 05/03/2012
Course Approval E-mail Issues 05/03/2012