Archived 2011 Announcements grouped by subject listed by title and date. Links are PDF files.
Exams Date
Deck & Engineering Guide Update 07/20/2011
New Format for Deck / Engine Examination Guide 07/20/2011
Forms Date
Update to the Mariner Medical Evaluations Form 719K 05/20/2011
Food Handler Clarification 01/06/2011
Medical Date
Medical Update Bulletin 04/12/2011
MMC Date
Merchant Mariner Third Party Authorization 03/08/2011
NMC Date
NMC Featured On AMVER Podcast 11/04/2011
NMC List Server Update 08/08/2011
Mariner Customer Satisfaction Feedback 08/08/2011
Policy Changes Date
TWIC 11-15 Policy Exemption 12/19/2011
Update to Coast Guard Policy Letters and Guidance Documents 03/08/2011
Professional Qualifications Date
STCW Endorsements as Officer in Charge of a Navigational Watch 07/01/2011
Public Relations Date
2011 International Workboat Show 11/28/2011
Sleep Apnea & Multi-Modal Transportation Conference 2011 11/05/2011
2011 World Maritime Day Observance Coast Guard Conference 10/24/2011
Merchant Mariner Medical Advisory Committee 08/12/2011
Invitation for STCW Training Providers for Implementation of the 2010 Manila Amendments 06/09/2011
National Maritime Day 2011 05/22/2011
Merchant Marine Personnel Advisory Committee 04/12/2011
Training Approvals Date
Mariner Training and Assessment Data (MTAD) Program 12/19/2011
TWIC 11-15 Policy Exemption 12/19/2011